We process your fleece and add value to it. We Sort, Scour and Card your fleece before Spinning it into whatever finished form you specify.  It can be Pure or Blended with Mohair, Alpaca, Silk or Vegetable fibres and spun into either Woollen or Worsted yarn which can be returned to you in Balls, Hanks or on Cones.

A little bit more about Wool:

Its a wonderful, sustainable product, and together with the sheep it comes from, has helped clothe and feed the world for centuries.  In one way or another, sheep have contributed to the UK economy since Roman times.  Our Blacker Yarns blog series The Wool Journey follows the fibre from the field to final product. Sheep fleece varies in length from 2.4 to 30 centimetres (1 to 12 inches) and in thickness from 11 microns to over 50.  In most cases products made from wool of up to 30 microns are comfortable next to the skin, but anything thicker may feel prickly; as will products containing a high proportion of coarse hair (kemp).

Other attributes of wool relate to lustre, crimp and colour.  A wool product can absorb up to 30% of its natural weight before it becomes saturated.  Wool is also a natural fire retardant.  To find out more about different kinds of wool and the sheep it comes from, please go to our Meet the Animals section.

Raw fleece is full of grease, dirt and sweat, less if the sheep have been grazing in the rain! When we wash this out it results in some weight loss. If you are concerned about what you might lose, please speak to us. And remember, you only pay for what you get back!

We recycle most of the waste we produce and keep the remainder to a minimum. This means we get the highest possible yield from your fibre, while low waste disposal costs help keep prices down.

Please note that we no longer arrange courier services for carriage unless you have a large quantity and require a pallet. Check our carriage procedures for further information.