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The Natural Fibre
The Natural Fibre

Making more with your wool

The spinning mill which helps you add value to wool, mohair and alpaca

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Natural animal fibres differ considerably: they may be long or short, coarse or fine, smooth or crisp on the surface, lustrous or matt, strong or weak, mixed or similar within the fleece, naturally white or naturally coloured, tightly crimped or loosely waved. All of these attributes will alter the type of products they will make and how they will perform.

The following pages look at the ways in which these attributes can be combined and how they go together to characterise wool, mohair, alpaca and other animal fibres. We also look at the different breeds within each group. Please note, we are proud to say that we have processed almost all of those listed. And a few more besides!

We can help you decide what is the best yarn or other product and what that yarn can then be used for. Remember, scoured and carded fibre or yarn is still a raw material! Having the mill, the experience and knowing the fibres enables us to achieve the most appropriate end use and have the greatest opportunity for added value.





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