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The Natural Fibre
The Natural Fibre

Making more with your wool

The spinning mill which helps you add value to wool, mohair and alpaca

The Team

With textile industry trained engineers and specialist finishers we have trained in-house, we have together around 100 years of experience of processing wool. So we know what we're doing and can be trusted to add value to your fleece. Most of us are pictured below in a brief break between jobs.

The office is small, so everyone helps out. Karen is our office administrator, working with adviser Colin. Beki deals with our commission spinning customers and helps them develop projects and market their yarns. The Blacker Yarns team is led by Kamila working with Emily who focuses on marketing. They are developing and expanding Blacker Yarns, extending our social media activity and blogging for Blacker.  We will shortly be joined by Emma to help with all office customer support.

The Mill Team consists of James, the carding engineer, along with the spinning staff, Ryan, Verity and Maria.  Pavel the king of sorting, helped by Jordan, our newest recruit, and this group handles production up to finishing. Lowri, Beth, Tay (currently on maternity leave), Ros and Tom ply, wash, reel, wind and ball-wind the yarns, with help from Jordan as well, and Lowri also does our dyeing.  Verity is on maternity leave from mid August and Maria returns to Portugal in July, so we will soon have two new people in spinning.  The whole team is supported by June as Co-ordinator, working on scheduling in particular.

The board of directors comprises managing director Sue Blacker and her husband Douglas Bence. We outsource services when we can and when it's appropriate. Freelance and part-time staff already help us with photography, information technology and the web site and we regularly have the support and inspiration of student interns helping with Blacker Yarns.