Natural Fibre Company 2018 Customer Survey results

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20 March, 2019 - 16:27 | Sue Blacker

We slightly tweaked our survey this time around and had a total of 25 responses, which is good given how busy we know our customers are and around 1.5% of our mailing list made time to do this and help us to get it right!  However, it was well down on the 72 last year although we think the results will still be of interest.

We have tried various perks to encourage people to complete the survey and they have all had a mixed response: for instance the £50 reduction from orders was simply not taken up by a quarter of those who earned it.  This year we offered a free dye batch, and given that we have reviewed and closed our dyeing service partly due to low demand, this was perhaps not an attractive incentive!  So the lucky winner will in fact gain an extra 10% off their next order instead.


Blacker Yarns 2018 Customer Survey results

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20 March, 2019 - 14:28 | Sue Blacker

We simplified and shortened our survey this time around and had a total of 1,023 responses, which is brilliant, so around 10% of our mailing list are helping us to get it right!


Who answered and how do they get their information?

Just over 40% of those replying were from the UK, with the USA/Canada contributing 30% and Europe 20%.  The remaining 10% were 5% from New Zealand and Australia and 5% from everywhere else.  This roughly reflects our sales pattern as well, so is usefully representative, though like last year around 25% were not yet customers, with the rest being occasional or regular.

Blacker Yarns 2017 Customer Survey results

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25 September, 2018 - 16:48 | Sue Blacker

This report is somewhat late … but in time to review prior to our 2018 survey which will be circulated in November.

One reason for the lateness is that we had a very large number of responses: our mailing list is over 10,000 and we had 1,020 responses and there were over 30 questions.  While some of the questions are easy to analyse, because the answers can be graphed, those with a free choice of wording take quite a bit of work!  Please note that due to rounding not all of the percentages given below will add to precisely 100%, but it’s simpler to present things without too many decimal points.

So here is a digest of the findings.

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