Meet our lovely stockists!

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20 January, 2018 - 12:10 | Sonja Bargielowska

Here at Blacker we thought it was about time to give our lovely stockists some love, find out more about them below!


Name: Isla Davison - now retired but a lovely person and we have retained this item for her views

Company name: BritYarn – United Kingdom - now closed

Why did you open a yarn shop?  Sometimes life takes an unexpected change of direction. I was made redundant and quite a few people, knowing my love of knitting and yarn, suggested I should open a yarn shop.  Initially I thought it was a crazy notion as I never imagined running my own business. However, it set an idea growing, and that, combined with my passion for British yarn, became BritYarn!

New Patterns for our Birthday!

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15 September, 2017 - 16:06 | Blacker Yarns

Pointillist Hat  -  Op Art Shawl  -  Pointillist Cowl

We're fast approaching the launch of our 2017 limited edition birthday yarn, Blacker Brushwork, and the excitement is building! So many of our favourite bloggers and podcasters have been giving the yarn rave reviews and hope it's going to prove popular on launch day. Set your alarms for 8 am (GMT) on Thursday 28th September!

To accompany the launch we'll be offering five new free patterns designed by our very own Sonja and Katie, which will be released on Wednesday 27th September. We have two garments, a hat, a cowl and a shawl to share with you, so there's sure to be something to take your fancy.  

Macaulay Cardigan  -  Bowmont Jumper

The Colours of Summer: variations on a theme

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28 June, 2017 - 12:49 | Sue Blacker

Our popular Polzeath Cardigan is worked in a combination of 4-ply Lyonesse wool-linen blended yarn and St. Kilda laceweight yarn.  The original for our photoshoot was worked in Onyx Lyonesse with the pale natural St. Kilda.  We saw a lovely version of Polzeath at Wonderwool, worked in Lyonesse Aquamarine with the pale natural shade of St. Kilda.  You can also make a really rich dark version using Onyx or Haematite Lyonesse, or possibly Serpentine, with the dark natural St. Kilda, or equally extend the contrast and use a warmer, softer peachy Tourmaline, or the Amethyst or Moonstone with the dark St. Kilda.

We have a lovely limited edition range of hand dyed St Kilda from The Knitting Goddess and the soft summery pastels in our updated Lyonesse shades, which tone wonderfully together! 

Introducing the Klee Collection by Renee Callahan

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5 November, 2015 - 16:42 | Sonja Bargielowska

Renee Callahan designs as East London Knit. This week she launched The Klee Collection, a collection of modern garments and accessories inspired by the work of Paul Klee. Renee designed these garments "for the knitter to enjoy both the process of knitting, with innovative constructions, as well as the product of their work, with wearable, beautiful garments." We are so in love with the gorgeous garments in Renee's collection that we wanted to take a little time to share the six new designs with you. 

New Year reflections: leading to making all patterns free!

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31 December, 2014 - 13:12 | Sue Blacker

I love reflections!  This is a puddle on the road where we walked on Christmas Day - very close to darkness so fuzzy and unclear but the water was still so the reflection is still quite distinct.

In knitting Fair Isle, the designs are often very attractive when reversed, and Felix Ford used several ideas like this in her lovely new book, The Domestic Soundscape - see here.  And here is a preview of some designs on which we are working for a (less than usually naff) seasonal pullover.

Something to cheer you/me up on a beastly weather day

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27 May, 2013 - 17:40 | Sue Blacker

I was pondering the current popularity of Indian/ikat designs, which I have always loved anyway.  So here are a few options to try.  They are stitch-and-row interchangeable with the sheep charts on our Feeling Sheepish pullover.   Please request an email version if you need higher definition.  I will also put it on our Free Patterns page at

St Kilda and Boreray

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22 May, 2013 - 12:00 | Sue Blacker

I had some creative fun taking pictures of Liz Lovick's St Kilda shawl in the wind and trees at my field.

I really enjoyed this!  It's so lovely to catch the light and shadow through the design.

A free lacy knitted cowl pattern for Mother's Day

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18 March, 2012 - 16:46 | Sue Blacker

18th March 2012: Yes I know!  It's today ... but mothers are entitled to be late sometimes and this is really lovely!  So you can give the yarn and pattern to your mother or make it for her and it's actually incredibly quick and easy to knit as well, so you might even finish before the day is over ...

You will need two 50g balls of fine yarn: Blacker Yarns Shetland 4-ply or the 2-ply would be lovely, or possibly our 4-ply alpaca yarns or the attractive dyed ones in Jacob/mohair and Zwartbles/mohair, or the very lovely Wensleydale.  The picture is of grey Gotland!

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