Supplying Fibre for Tate Modern Major Art Installation

Supplying Fibre for Tate Modern Major Art Installation

When the curatorial team at Tate Modern contacted us earlier this year in need of some additional wool for one of their exhibitions we were delighted to help. We sourced some white Dorset Down fibre that we sorted, scoured and carded into can coiled rovings. The rovings form a part of a multi-part installation which consists of two monumental sculptures created by Chilean artist poet Cecilia Vicuña.

The exhibition, ‘Hyundai Commission: Cecilia Vicuña: Brain Forest Quipu’, has recently been unveiled in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in London and includes an array of different materials hanging 27 metres from the ceiling with audio and video installations. The rovings were used in some of the longer chords which were knotted, sewn, glued and draped over other materials such as cotton gauze, while other rovings were covered in clay, paint, and resin to create thin, spindly forms. The sculptures also include felted wool from Ohio, USA, and Greece.

Please visit the Tate website for further details about the exhibition including dates and opening times:

Tate Modern 2022
Cecilia Vicuna, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Image credit:  © Tate, Sonal Bakrania.