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The Natural Fibre
The Natural Fibre

Making more with your wool

The spinning mill which helps you add value to wool, mohair and alpaca


The Natural Fibre Company is based in the UK. Although most of our customers are from the UK, we have also processed fibre for customers in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and even the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.  In 2012 alone, this website was visited by people from 119 countries, which remains typical of our audience today.

As we process all the fibre used in the manufacture of Blacker Yarns products, all of which carry our name, the Natural Fibre Company is known all over the world.  To see in more detail what we do and how we do it for trade customers, follow this link.  German or French speaking customers may want to check out what we do and how we do it by downloading this file auf deutsch or this file en francais.

Blacker Yarns exports over 50% of its on-line sales, half of these going to the United States and Canada.  The other major international purchasers are from Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and France and designs in our yarns are made by designers all over the world as well.  Blacker Yarns has a supply partnership with farms in the Falkland Islands, the yarns from which are sold under the name Blacker Swan.

International Services

  • Languages. We are able to respond in English, American English, French and basic German;
  • Import and export. We can arrange the international import and export of greasy and finished wool and yarns;
  • Transport. We are able to arrange courier, pallet or larger transport depending on your requirements;
  • Fibre processing. We have processed sock yarns from Swedish mohair, weaving yarns from Netherlands rare heathland sheep, and for a customer in Germany, organic merino from Argentina.  If you're looking for a specialist fibre or blend, we are the people to ask.  We also have several small flock customers in France and Belgium.  We are happy to process orders from 20kg raw fibre to 1 tonne and above, and to make output from 15kg of finished yarn upwards, with smaller sample quantities available by arrangement;
  • Currency. We quote, price and invoice in GBP sterling (£).  We accept direct bank transfers and credit cards.  We are able to give indications of prices in non GBP sterling, but these will not be firm quotes; customers should note they may have to pay transaction costs and customer duties or taxes
  • Weights and measures. We work in metric weights and measures, but can translate into imperial weights and measures and also provide equivalents in yarn specifications from NM and Tex to YSW or Worsted count;
  • Estimates and quotations. We are happy to work from raw fibre, but cannot then guarantee precised yields, and therefore the final cost of your order.  The eventual price will be for the amount of finished yarn made.  So quotes on this basis will be estimates.  In this case we will give you a price for processing rather than for output. We can give you a finished price based on an estimated yield though you should allow for potentially higher or lower yields.  Please read our terms and conditions.