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The Natural Fibre
The Natural Fibre

Making more with your wool

The spinning mill which helps you add value to wool, mohair and alpaca


The Natural Fibre Company is licensed under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for organic production and we are inspected thoroughly every year (our License Number is X9061).
We document each stage of processing from from receiving fleece to sending back finished yarn, including transport records, to show an unbroken chain from the field to the final destination.
Accredited farmers, both our customers and suppliers, are also required to comply and are inspected annually by the Soil Association or other licensing organisations. Farmers have a lot to do before they can produce fleece that is genuinely organic and to maintain the integrity of our organic production we separate their wool from the rest and specially clean and purge all the machines before our specialist production runs.
We cannot accept fleece as organic unless it complies with Soil Association requirements.  Contact us to discuss the various equivalents.  Please note that the requirements are already agreed with Organic Farmers and Growers and Demeter which is an international standard covering 43 countries.
In order to have your fibre processed organically, please send it to us in clearly-marked packaging (which we can supply) and provide copies of current applicable certificates and product schedules.  You will also have to sign our organic compliance statement. 
We process organic fibres on a biennial basis with the next production scheduled for April 2024. Please contact us if you are interested in this service, providing details of your fibre and to be added to our waiting list. 
Please note, we were the first company in the UK to process organic alpaca and we can also process organic mohair