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Order From Us

Waiting list

Due to the high level of demand for our expert services we hold a waiting list. There is no charge for being added to the waiting list.

We will advise you at the time of being added to the waiting list of the estimated waiting time. To give an indication of the anticipated processing times, for scour and card only it is approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the point of scour, whilst worsted orders can take up to 16 weeks. As each order and batch is processed individually the timescale will vary.

Please contact us to be added to the waiting list and to discuss your requirements. We will send you some of our pre-addressed sacks for you to pack your fibre ready for collection. We call in orders on a monthly basis.

Orders: weights we can process

Our minimum order sizes are:

  • 10kg for scouring and carding greasy fleeces
  • 25kg for spinning from greasy fleeces (35kg for worsted spinning)
  • 15kg for spinning from clean tops

We only process your fibre in your batch so if you have less than the minimum amount required we can add similar quality fibre from our own stocks to make up the quantity.

If you want to develop a larger volume in due course the 25kg minimum quantities are ideal for samples and development work.

Please note if you have 40-100kg we give discounts on our minimum prices and we also reward repeat small customers with a discount off their every fifth batch.

If you wish to process more than 100kg, we are able to work happily up to 1 tonne, and we frequently work at around 250kg to 500kg per batch, including scheduling production and deliveries over time to suit onward production requirements.

The following information also provides instructions on placing orders and getting the best results:

25-100kg batches:

Processing fibre into yarns is relatively technical. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, particularly if you are planning to process for the first time: that’s what we are here for.  The best option, especially for your first batch, is to deliver the fibre, so we can discuss it together and you can see around the mill and look at samples.  Please contact us to arrange this.

Meanwhile, we suggest you start by reading our Customer Guidance Notes, paying particular attention to the requirements relating to the use of pesticides as this can prevent us from processing your fleeces if the timings are wrong. You should also look at our Terms and Conditions of Trade

At this stage, you may wish to phone or visit us to discuss your order in more detail and add yourself to the waiting list.  If you know what you want, or are making a repeat order, just download, complete and return the Order Form to us via email.

Trade orders over 100kg:

We normally price at minimum batch rates for samples and bespoke services, and then once you are working at over 100kg it’s best to contact us to discuss the options.

A standard discount for a batch that is more than 100kg start weight is 7.5%, provided that we are making a single batch – all prices are for a single batch, and we are also able to split batches for dye colours, finishes or plies if required, which may incur an additional administration charge. We offer a trade discount for orders over 200kg greasy weight.

Please also see our Trade Services capabilities information and our overseas services.


We are no longer able to arrange collections of individual sacks of fibre or return deliveries of your finished product/yarn. If you have large quantities of fibre requiring a pallet please let us know.  Please follow this link for more information.

Please be aware that you should only bring your sacks into the mill when your fibre has been called in via the waiting list. Early delivery may result in a storage charge being made.



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