Personal delivery and collection is obviously the most economical, but if you are too far away, we post you a sack with our address on it and use Parcelforce, pallet carrier companies or other shippers, with our choices based on cost and reliability.

When you are ready to send it, let us know and we arrange collection. Please note: you need to be available on collection day as the carriers do not like picking up unattended packages.  Please also ensure you read all the instructions which come with our sacks and particularly ensure that you get the carrier to put any barcode sticker on the plastic bag sealing tag as if these barcodes are lost the whole sack becomes effectively invisible!

For overseas customers, or those in the Highlands and Islands, the standard carriage charges are very high, so it is usually best to use our sacks and simply post your fleece to us or find a local carrier.

When we return the finished yarns, or pass them to weavers or dyers, we use the same system.  It generally works well, but couriers make mistakes and sometimes cannot find remote addresses.

Carriage The Natural Fibre CompanyThis is VITALLY important: when you sign for a delivery make a note on the slip to say that the goods are ‘accepted, but not checked’. This is in case of damage during transit.  Complaints will not be accepted unless you take this precaution.  You should also note that we will not accept any complaints made more than one month from delivery of your order so please check things promptly.

From 2012, UK legislation requires all sheep, goat and alpaca fleece to be identified as Category 3 Hazardous Waste, so those that create, store or transport it need licenses.  If in doubt contact your local Animal Welfare department.

As well as our address, NFC sacks include the wording ‘Products of animal origin, not for human consumption’ on the outside.  If you post sacks to us, to confirm that the fleece is part of a commercial transaction, you need to INCLUDE your order form as well as sending us a scanned copy by email.


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