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Gaining Carbon Reduction Accreditation

19 April, 2022 - 16:19 -- Sarah Hemingway

We have recently achieved Carbon Reduction accreditation with a validated carbon footprint, as part of the Carbon AAA initiative.

Colin Spencer Halsey, CEO of The Natural Fibre Company says: “As a vertically integrated mill with end-to-end processing we add value to our customers fibre and are always looking at ways to further reduce our waste, energy consumption and manufacturing costs. We were looking for guidance to lead us through this process, making improvements to our business practices and to becoming more energy efficient. By working with Paul Gilbert, Programme Lead of Make it Net Zero and SWMAS and using the Carbon AAA benchmarking tool and dashboard we were able to create an action plan to make informed decisions, implement immediate changes and set longer-term goals to cut our carbon emissions.”

Paul Gilbert, Programme Lead of Make it Net Zero says: “Working with The Natural Fibre Company has been a rewarding experience and they should be proud of their achievements to date and plans for achieving Net Zero in the future. Given their product and customer base, sustainability and the health of the environment is paramount. They are a model example of how measuring and managing energy can lead to savings and more efficient working practices”.

Becoming even more efficient in our manufacturing systems and processes provides a better output for the planet as well as meeting the expectations of our environmentally conscious customers and  their end products. Sustainability, traceability and provenance are integral to our manufacturing activities and core values as a British wool spinner with expertise in handling Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Rare and Specialised varieties of fleece. We also work with alternative and recycled materials in our inhouse testing facility, supporting the local and circular economy. A range of waste materials generated from the mill’s manufacturing processes are regularly sold on for use in a variety of projects such as padding for pet beds, stuffing for craft-based activities and hand spinning.

Pictured: Colin Spencer Halsey, CEO