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The Natural Fibre
The Natural Fibre

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We can match colours supplied by our customers and charge £15 per colour, but we reserve the right to charge more when we use deeper-colour dyes on certain yarns. Follow this link to Blacker Yarns to see the range of specialist colours we have developed. For costs, exclusive or inclusive of VAT, please download the price list from the Advice page.

All the dyes we use are acid-reactive and organically approved to Global Organic Textile Standards. In addition to hot water, all they need to complete the dyeing process are an acid and wetting and balancing agents. As the fibre absorbs all the colour, effluent from the dye vats is almost colourless.

If you are looking at dyeing for the first time, don't plan something like the Fair Isle knitting shown here!

At first it may help if you think of dyes in the same way as paint. Browns and greys, for example, go with a range of different things; blues match greys, golds match browns; pink, turquoise and purple go with either.

As we are able to dye small amounts, customers with little or no dyeing experience may find it best to start with a one-hank sample, the smallest possible quantity. This would become part of a batch of 10kg or 25kg, but we can combine yarns from several customers to make up a batch.

Each yarn takes on its own unique shade because of the individual characteristics of the fleece. This means that although we will do everything possible when dyeing natural fibre, we cannot guarantee that dyed colours from different batches will match.  To get a better idea of how dye colours work with differing base yarns, please take a look at our Dyeing information sheet.  Please remember your screen and printer may not be perfect at reproducing dye shades too!