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The Natural Fibre

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We now no longer undertake dyeing other than for existing larger customers as this tends to add considerably more time to our turn-around and actually we believe that other dye-houses can do a better and cheaper job.  They have laboratories and can match colours supplied by their customers, ofen including this cost in the cost of your order.  Generally there is a minimum price for up to 10kg and then the prices rise according to how much you send.  Your recipe can be kept for future use.  Please contact us for more information or see our information sheet which includes a list of dye-houses on the back page.

The dyes used nowadays are generally very carefully regulated and you can check in detail with the dyer on the composition of the dye-stuffs and auxiliaries they use as well as on the overall environmental impact.  You may of course also embark on the wonderfully fulfilling option of dyeing for yourself!

Either way, we can provide finished yarn in skeins for hand or hank dyeing or on cones for package dyeing.

If you are looking at dyeing for the first time, it's sensible to start less ambitiously than the Fair Isle knitting shown here!

At first it may help if you think of dyes in the same way as paint. Browns and greys, for example, go with a range of different things; blues match greys, golds match browns; pink, turquoise and purple go with either.

Each yarn takes on its own unique shade because of the individual characteristics of the fleece. This means that when dyeing natural fibre, there is not an absolute guarantee that dyed colours from different batches will match.  To get a better idea of how dye colours work with differing base yarns, please take a look at our Dyeing information sheet.  Please remember your screen and printer may not be perfect at reproducing dye shades either!