Happy Christmas lunch for sheep and hubris

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25 December, 2013 - 22:01 | Sue Blacker

Ah! I started this right after doing part of a Facebook post about our own Christmas meal and intend(ed) to post a link to this post in it - to show how the sheep had their Christmas meal.  But some kind person brought a glass of red wine to help inspire me, and with my first creative gesture I tipped it all over my keyboard - so half a roll of kitchen towel later (the edges soak up wine quite well between the keys) and with some rather sticky keys, I am back in business.

My son, Sam, kindly took the photo's.  The one above is me returning from the truck with foot spray for a couple of the young rams - it will be a full session tomorrow on feet, but today it's Christmas so we are dealing with those who need it ...  they have spent the whole week sitting comfortably in the barns with loads of straw and hay and feed and relaxing ... out of the weather - given that you will see that we took away their wool a couple of weeks ago - just in time for the storms. 

My barn has suffered a bit, with a gutter detached and some water-proofing blowing around in the wind - but will have to wait until the next storm and then deal with it all.  The roof is still good ... so far!

Here are the girls ...


And the boys ...

And the lovely sky!!

So we opted for the fire-side and not a walk ...

Happy Christmas!


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<p>I hope that all is safe after the storms.</p> <p>&nbsp;Wishing you a happy and successful New Year.</p>

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