Wierd and wonderful things in Norfolk

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8 September, 2015 - 11:15 | Sue Blacker

We spent a weekend in Norwich over the bank holiday.

We stayed in a flat over-looking the river near the Carrow Road football ground.  The flat has glass faced balconies, which enable you to photograph the cars in the car-park apparently in the river - irresistible!

And we also went out to lunch at a pub in north Norfolk, called The Gunton Arms (very nice!) where they have an eclectic art collection of modern works, which includes a crab created by Joana Vasconcelos.  I'm not sure from her website whether she does the crochet herself though!

Very beautiful and also irresistible!

She also does snakes, toads, cats and other animals along with large sculptures, including a tea-pot and several shoes!

See her website and refresh the  home page several times to get a picture of some crochet being sewn onto a sculpture.


Submitted by Sharon on
<p>Hope the car owners have their vehicles back dried and safe.</p> <p>Those lacy crabs are amazing!</p> <p>BTW - it&#39;s W-<strong>E</strong>-I-R-D, not w-<strong>I</strong>-e-r-d. &nbsp;Surprised your Spellcheck didn&#39;t point that out. &nbsp;Or was that left in to annoy those of us who still think that spelling matters?</p>

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