Producing Sock Yarn with Tencel

Wild and Bare Fibres

Amie Townshend

Producing Sock Yarn with Tencel

Amie Townshend is the maker behind Wild and Bare Fibres. She confesses to being woolly-obsessed and has been for many years. She works in a little studio in Cornwall where she dyes yarn, inspired by the colours of nature that surrounds her.

As part of our ongoing research and development activities we put a call out for test knitters to work with a few of our sample blends. Amie worked

with Tencel blended with wool and was so impressed with the fibre’s capabilities that she decided to have a batch of her own yarn created. The yarn that we produced for Amie contained a blend of Exmoor Horn, Dartmoor, Closewool and Texel fibre that she sourced from farms in Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall and we added some Tencel to it. Tencel helps to blend different fibres together resulting in a strong yarn, which is suitable for creating socks.

Amie says: “The Natural Fibre Company supported me throughout every stage of the scouring and spinning process, answering all my questions, and always explaining things in depth, giving me the knowledge of how fleeces go from their raw state to spun yarn. They are so enthusiastic about what they do, they really do love fibre and everything that can be done with it. I have already dyed some of the yarn and made a couple of socks and they are a joy to wear, warm and woolly”.

You can find out more about Amie’s products by following her on Instagram and visiting her website: