A South West of England Story

Mackenzie & Kellar

Sarah Hogg

A South West of England Story

In 2015 when Sarah purchased a small flock of Shetland sheep to keep the grass down in the fields that surround her house in East Devon, little did she know at the time the direction that this would take her. The first time she sheared their fleece it fetched very little and so, inspired by the fact that Shetland wool is highly prized, she decided to spin and weave it, but she needed some help to get started.

‘The Natural Fibre Company helped me understand the complicated process from start to finish. It was a steep learning curve for me at first but with their help and patience I am far more knowledgeable about scouring and spinning now. Communication with them is great, they are always helpful when I ring, offering a quick and efficient service.’

The end result is a collection of the finest quality, pure Shetland wool blankets, scarves and knitting wool. The blankets are exceptionally soft and come in a variety of colours with natural blended grey/white proving to be the most popular. Each blanket is numbered, as only a small amount is woven each year.

Sarah now has a flock of over 50 sheep, each one having a name, raised naturally on the farm and only fed meadow hay and the occasional bowl of sheep nuts to keep them friendly and content.

You can find out more about Sarah’s story and her beautiful products by visiting her website: www.mackenzieandkellar.co.uk