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Winter shearing and Happy New Year!

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17 January, 2012 - 11:09 | Sue Blacker

17th January, 2012: Happy New Year!  Here are pictures of the flock and winter shearing.  Gideon the shearer and I delayed this event, which is normally before Christmas, because the weather was horribly wet.  Sheep are fine with cold but much less happy with wet, particularly when shorn.  So I feed them extra rations and give them access to shelter anyway but the wet and wind were a bit much.  We seem to have struck lucky as it has scarcely rained since we did it.

Here's Harry watching Gideon arriving - the sheep stay indoors for around 24 hours before shearing to ensure they are dry and are not fed then either as shearing on full bellies can be very stressful and anyway they can eat all day afterwards ...

Things other than sheep? Well, there are some ... special offers!

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29 December, 2011 - 18:15 | Sue Blacker

29th December: We have been inspired by the special offers going around at present and, not to be outdone, have increased our 10% off orders over £50 for yarns and textiles to a whole 20% off for New Year and January! 

See for the yarns, and remember that the 20% also applies to all yarn orders except the pot luck bargain packs - including yarns on special offer.  As January and Jacob begin in the same way we have taken £1 off all Jacob yarns for New Year and January in addition to the Border Leicester dyed colours (end of range) and the 4-ply Shetlands, although the Shetlands are only at their special price until 4th January.


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