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Our 2020 Birthday yarn: Cove

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10 October, 2020 - 16:44 | Sue Blacker

As we have done since we were 10, we have made a special one-off limited edition yarn again this autumn. 

We have a few things which characterise this yarn in every edition: it’s woollen spun and uses a mix of several British breeds wools, with some natural colour.  It comes in 100g twisted skeins and is usually in two yarn specifications, with a carefully selected range of dyed shades as well as the natural base.

The best of times and the worst of times?

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25 March, 2020 - 17:01 | Sue Blacker

I have not written a blog recently - mainly because I have been very busy handing over to the the new owners of the business. 

The photo above is of the sample carder which I renovated in my garage in the year before The Natural Fibre Company took me over.

I have a series of planned blog items in the pipeline though:

  • what makes a yarn "good" or workable?
  • how are yarns designed - this starts from the opposite end to the Wool Journey
  • our decision to cease worsted spinning alpaca and other options
  • knitting for health and welfare
  • the eco/organic/green debate from our viewpoint
  • starting a flock with wool in mind

There may be others you would like?  If so, please email me with suggestions!

Water-proofing wool: truths and fictions ...

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6 November, 2019 - 18:39 | Sue Blacker

Feste, the clown in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, sang that "the rain it raineth every day" and sometimes it feels very much like this in our native Cornwall.  The line also appears in King Lear, so clearly Shakespeare understood rain.  The US Poetry Foundation, and many other sites, have the full words of this witty ditty.


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