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Starting a flock with wool in mind

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8 November, 2020 - 16:00 | Sue Blacker

So here are some white sheep - but that's about the only thing they have in common - they are different sizes, have very different fleeces and also personalities.  So their wool will be very different, as will their care.

When I say “wool in mind” I really mean yarns, and this means hand knitting or crochet yarns or weaving or rug yarns, usually for small-scale or craft production.

So what we do at The Natural Fibre Company is turn a very basic raw material into a more usable raw material – it’s finished by us but not yet a finished product.  We also take the mess and hard work out of preparing wool for hand spinning or felting by sorting, scouring and carding wool.

Our 2020 Birthday yarn: Cove

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10 October, 2020 - 16:44 | Sue Blacker

As we have done since we were 10, we have made a special one-off limited edition yarn again this autumn. 

We have a few things which characterise this yarn in every edition: it’s woollen spun and uses a mix of several British breeds wools, with some natural colour.  It comes in 100g twisted skeins and is usually in two yarn specifications, with a carefully selected range of dyed shades as well as the natural base.

The best of times and the worst of times?

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25 March, 2020 - 17:01 | Sue Blacker

I have not written a blog recently - mainly because I have been very busy handing over to the the new owners of the business. 

The photo above is of the sample carder which I renovated in my garage in the year before The Natural Fibre Company took me over.

I have a series of planned blog items in the pipeline though:

  • what makes a yarn "good" or workable?
  • how are yarns designed - this starts from the opposite end to the Wool Journey
  • our decision to cease worsted spinning alpaca and other options
  • knitting for health and welfare
  • the eco/organic/green debate from our viewpoint
  • starting a flock with wool in mind

There may be others you would like?  If so, please email me with suggestions!


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