Why might this sheep look worried?

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12 August, 2015 - 16:27 | Sue Blacker

This nice Mule is one of a pen waiting for the shearing demonstration at the recent Launceston Show.  Generally we simply cannot attend every local one-day show, as there are so many.  They are all wonderful and so because the Launceston lot asked really nicely and are on our doorstep we made an exception.  We had a small stand just by the sheep pen, in a gazebo. 

Please note the essential ingredients of a good show behind the sheep pen: a Kelly's Icecream van (the Kelly girls were at school with me a VERY long time ago ... and their icecream is pretty good) and the portaloos!

We featured a general display and also showed sample balls of British breeds yarns together with the great Wool Board poster showing the related sheep.

So why were the sheep likely to worry?  Well apart from Nick Jasper and Matt Smith, shearing with the normal electric shears driven by a small generator, there was a special challenge for the Young Farmers to generate the power more directly:

This instrument of torture (to Young Farmers,  not sheep) required as many as 4 people to create the power to shear a single sheep, although there was one person who does a few triathlons who managed one sheep on his own.  The whole contraption included a light, to help illuminate the procedings, and was made from a rather small framed bike, which did not help the tall YFC guys and girls to pedal efficiently.  Needless to say, I stook on the sidelines and commented, as I do on shearing!!!

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