When pig arcs fly

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9 February, 2016 - 13:24 | Sue Blacker

This is the entrance to my fields at present - this is very clean and tidy as over the weekend I swept the mud off the concrete in the yarn and then pushed it out through the puddle into the field and spread it around, carefully extracting the hay and straw with a pitchfork to add it to the muck heap.  This is good exercise and I recommend it!  Better done when it's not raining though ...

Anyway, having mentioned magical things in the Tale of Tamar, I found a little more magic at the field after yesterday's storm.  Not normally in any way competing with sheep in the escaping stakes, my pig arcs found the volition (sic) to give it a go, with a little help from the wind of course ... or possibly the piskies?

Here is the one which tried and failed, caught by the fence, having pretty much shed its ends.

And here is the one which managed to leap over the fence but didn't quite make it over the Cornish hedge!  The lane is on the other side of the Cornish hedge, so this was rather lucky.

And here is what they left behind - you have to strip off for serious exercise!

And here is the unambitious one, which was admittedly in the lower and more sheltered field, doing its duty.  The sheep were fine and unaffected by these flying exploits - they go and shelter under the hedge when their homes start to fly.

Anyway, luckily Russell, my farmer neighbour, accosted me in the lane to explain that he already has a plan to rescue the one from the hedge and return it to its place.  I shall also need to do a bit of work on mending them (again). 

This is not the first time they have tried, but they usually end up grounded on their backs, so clearly practice must make perfect, even with pig arcs.  I believe serious athletes are not allowed to claim records if they have had help from a following wind, pisky or possibly sheep, and have informed the arcs of this, to which they made no reaction.

And just to finish, here is a close-up of the new pond/footbath and more mud.


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