Sneak preview of 10th Birthday plans

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10 August, 2015 - 12:36 | Sue Blacker

The Natural Fibre Company has been at Launceston for 10 years next month, so we thought we should celebrate!

We have been hard at work designing and making a limited edition yarn: blended from ten different breeds (thank you James for your hard work in getting the blend even with such a variety), selected for their softness and to be representative of what we do at The Natural Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns.

So we have:

  • Gotland: for softness, lustre and because it's lovely of course!
  • Falklands Merino: for our luxury joint venture Blacker Swan hand knitting yarn
  • Alpaca: to represent the approximate 25% of Natural Fibre Company spinning for alpaca customers
  • Mohair: to represent the approximate 12% of Natural Fibre Company spinning for mohair producers, especially for sock yarns and to add lustre and help take up the dyes
  • Jacob: another 15% of our output is from Jacob fleeces, wonderfully colourful traditional wool
  • Shetland: and this is another 15% of our output, beautifully soft and fine
  • English Merino: from a very small and, sadly, aging flock in Somerset
  • Gotland/Romney cross: a fine white mohair-like wool from Sue's crossbred Whitelamb, to add more lustre
  • Texel: a good European representative of the third of our work now done for EU-based customers, via a Welsh Mule second cross originally in our Fifteen limited edition yarn
  • Black Welsh Mountain: to add darkness, from fine soft wool and to represent the Welsh roots of the business

And somehow it seemed appropriate to call it Cornish Tin and to name the natural and four amazing dyed shades after old Cornish mines (somehow we avoided Poldark and stuck to mines which did get worked!).  And it will be in 4-ply and DK and 100g skeins!

And we did our photography in a very special place, part of which is shown here!


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<div> I love the teal colour! And your pun!</div>

Submitted by twinsetjan on
<p>When will we be able to find this loveliness? &nbsp;And how can we reserve some?</p>

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