A new worsted spinning frame! Whoopee!

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8 December, 2014 - 13:27 | Sue Blacker

We have been looking for an additional spinning frame for a while ... we have had to make people wait for their worsted spun yarns, which are growing in popularity due to the softer initial handle.  So it was great news to hear  in late October that a poor orphan Cognetex spinning frame sitting in Italy was not needed when the rest of the mill was being shipped to China.  The photo above shows the unhappy orphan languishing in Italy ...

We checked it out carefully by phone and photo and also looked at how it might work with our existing production capacity.  We had the space!

We had the means to get it in! (Paul did it almost single handedly ... but with a little help from our neighbours, Compass Forklift!)

The good news is that not only can we make more yarn, more quickly, but we can also now make considerably finer yarns (fibre permitting of course!).  We can now make finer than 20NM yarns, probably to around 30 or even 40NM if the fleece permits!

It was a rush to rescue and re-home the orphan before the shipment was off to the Far East ... putting the budget together, finding the funding, getting the money in place (machinery dealers only work with upfront payment!), and then waiting for the arrival ... installing, checking, getting the bits they forgot sent on to us (!) and getting it working - we are now in production!


Submitted by Elaine on
<p>Congratulations on your new yarn-making equipment!!&nbsp; We all love new stuff for our fiber work and this is really a big piece of stuff!!&nbsp;</p>

Submitted by nic deery on
<p>Congratualtions and good luck with it. But do et me now if you hear of another one!</p> <p>Kindest Regards&nbsp;</p> <p>Nic deery</p>

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