The new mezzanine floor at our mill

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16 March, 2013 - 11:04 | Sue Blacker

16th March, 2013: it's been a long time since I wrote a blog entry and a lot has happened!  We have installed a mezzanine floor, enabling us to move out of part of our (expensive) accommodation.

This is the office - before, while sorting files, during when Sue's desk was displaced by the new kitchen sink and again during the erection of the partitions! 

Moving a large number of sacks of wool, all of which are different breeds, qualities and colours, and then recording where they have gone is a logistical challenge!  So is running a mill between rising pillars and a shadowy floor until all the electrical installation has caught up again - you need something to fix a light fitting onto ...  Paul and his team did a great job.  Meanwhile there was a similar challenge in the office where we took the opportunity to archive files, throw away seven years' odds and ends - kept "just in case" but not used - and install a few new computers. We are still getting to grips with the computers - they do not make friends easily - but it feels as if the meeting room, staff room and mezzanine have been there forever and it's already hard to remember how things were before. Here are a few pictures and there are more in our forthcoming Spring Natural Fibre Company newsletter - out now!

Next instalment coming soon!

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