The "new" Fearnaught

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23 March, 2017 - 18:41 | Sue Blacker

Here are a few snaps of the "new" Fearnaught.  It had an illustrious past in a mill at Banbury, now sadly closed ...

The machine replaces our "old" Fearnaught which was the last remaining machine to have made the journey from Lampeter to Cornwall and has served us well for nearly 12 years, but it was getting a little toothless, which reduces yarn quality and also requires additional blending even for non colour blends, so we expect the new one to be doing a better job for us.  So if anyone has ideas for a medieval torture movie we may be able to supply some props!
We are building it this week and hope to have it fully working by next week - but these photo's, particularly the last one, show the bits you can never see once the machine is up and working - the underneath!  Above is also a photo of Paul working on the fan tubing, as this machine blows the teased and blended fibre into a large box from which it is then taken to the carding machine.


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Unfortunately not - we used quite a few parts to install on the "new" one.

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