Large tree group tapestry

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14 October, 2013 - 11:16 | Sue Blacker

The Dovecot studio in Edinburgh has been working, using Blacker naturally coloured British breeds yarns, along with some from other people, including many for whom we have spun as The Natural Fibre Company, to make an amazing and very beautiful tapestry.  The two pictures above give an idea of the graceful and elegant design, along with the sheer scale of the piece.  We understand that, although not a specific commission and very much a work of love and skill, the Large Tree Group  has been sold to a good home.

We have since had more enquiries for tapestry yarns and can supply them in reasonable quantities  ...

The yarns we make are, of course, still a raw material, so we don't always get to know what happens to them, and the versatility of wool is wonderful, so we are delighted to come across wondrous work like the Large Tree Group, or incredibly beautiful knit designs on Ravelry or lovely comforting throws, blankets and cushions.  It's like blowing a dandlion head and wondering where all the seeds will go (apart from my garden of course!).

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