Lambs at last!

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4 April, 2016 - 13:35 | Sue Blacker

These were the first, who arrived on 29th March: their mum Sweetheart is a pure Blue-faced Leicester and they are crossed with Gotland rams - the one with the white blaze is a ram and the black one is a ewe.  Sweetheart is not very tame or friendly and was not looking fit to burst, so her lambs' arrival was a bit of a surprise.

Meanwhile the pure bred Gotlands were obviously waiting for better weather or until all of our Easter visitors had departed, disappointed not to see Gotland lambs ...

However, Lily and Alice obliged with some yesterday.  Alice had a ram and a ewe lamb and all is fine this year - she was the mum who thought one was enough last year, leading to Gatsby living in the kitchen for a few weeks.  As Gotlands are a bit difficult to see because of being born black, the ewe lamb photo has been "adjusted" a bit - this time the ewe has the white blaze and the ram is black.  Their father is Jack.

Lily outdid Alice by having 3 lambs, one large ram, one medium ram and one tiny ewe, from the ram Jim.  She didn't like the tiny!  The tiny one weighs 1.4kg (3 lb) and yelled a lot for attention, showing a degree of determination, despite being pretty cold.  So she has come to live in the kitchen and is called Nathalie, after one of our visitors who departed disappointed, and who is expecting lambs from her Coburger Fuchsshaf flock any minute back home in Germany.  You will hear more of Nathalie as we have some interesting yarn plans!

Here is Nathalie the lamb.

Three more of the ewes are almost ready and the others may be a few days yet ...


Submitted by Sophy0075 on
<p>Congratulations! How lucky these sheep are to have to to care for them. Thanks so much for the photos, especially of determined little Nathalie. BTW, I want the Gotland/BFL cross lamb ewe&#39;s fleece. :)</p>

Submitted by Mary Brock on
<p>Thank you for telling us all about the babies! &nbsp;Nathalie looks quite happy in her kitchen nursery! &nbsp; Not their fault Easter was early this year! X</p>

Submitted by Wendy Peterson on
What wonderful news! And I would love to read a blog post about what it's like living with a lamb in the kitchen!!

Submitted by aniwig on
<p>Thank you for taking time, at this busy time of year for you, to share these delightful and interesting pictures.</p> <p>My cava szu puppy was 2.4kg when he came home with us in September, at just over nine months he weighs in at &nbsp;8kg, hope your lambs develop strongly as well.</p> <p>Very best wishes for the rest of the season, Aniwig</p>

Submitted by Susan on
<p>So glad you got that little one in the house..........</p>

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