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13 April, 2015 - 12:37 | Sue Blacker

Here are my Blue-faced Leicester/Gotland cross lambs!  They are about a week old now ... but these photo's are at 4 days.  I have three ewe lambs and one ram lamb from two ewes, which is pretty good, but the third ewe did not manage to get it together with the Gotlands!  The plan is to get some nice wool for the Blacker Swan blend but probably not to keep all of them longer term - lamb chops come autumn, I'm afraid!  One of the ewes is much more Gotland than the others so she may stay on to see how things develop.

And here are my Gotlands!

We had seven lambs from four ewes, all pure bred from Jonsson, so I am pretty pleased that four were rams to maintain the blood line.  In fact we have only six in the field as Alice decided one daughter was enough.  So Gatsby is living in the kitchen, trravelling to work and generally charming everyone except the person who cleans up after him and feeds him.  However, he is sleeping through the night, thank goodness!

The whole lot conveniently arrived between 31st March and 7th April so the rams and ewes were clearly pretty organised!

All are now bouncing around the field together and seem to be growin nicely! 

We have featured Gatsby on Facebook, but here is one picture of him, taken at one day old.


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