The joys of spring (cleaning)

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3 April, 2014 - 18:39 | Sue Blacker

Here are the piles of boxes we have emptied!  Stock-taking consists of counting what we have, correcting where necessary and then deciding what is surplus or should be somewhere else.

We automatically remove the last 10 balls of all batches into our Potluck Bargain packs, unless it's lace (which goes a long way) and some of the 4-ply.  Then we sort out which boxes had very little in them and re-organise the shelves!  Your next instalment will show the lovely, neat results, but meanwhile here's more chaos!

Our loyal readers will be pleased to see that we use re-cycled boxes (made out of re-cycled cardboard) and to know that unless the boxes had totally disintegrated they were all flattened for re-use!

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