The Cornish Garden yarn Natural undyed base: Hepworth

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5 September, 2019 - 15:57 | Sue Blacker

Cornwall is a rocky, stony place and of course many people create beauutiful rockery gardens, emulating the flowered cliffs and river valleys or the heathered moors.  So for the natural simple undyed base yarn, we decided to seek a stone rather than a flower, and it was obvious that we needed to go to the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden at St. Ives.  

This garden is now part of the Tate Gallery and was where the famous sculptor lived and worked.  Her work is also in other gardens and galleries across the country but here is an intimate and quiet setting which was very special to her.   Born in Yorkshire, she studied with Henry Moore and made mostly calm and abstract shapes to fit into and reflect the landscape.  She moved to St. Ives with her husband and triplets in 1939, and lived and worked at this house from 1949 until her death in 1975.

Barbara Hepworth herself placed the sculptures in the garden and planned the planting with the help of a friend.  Everyone we know who goes there loves the peace and tranquillity of this space.  She worked in stone, wood and bronze mainly and so the natural undyed simple shade of our Cornish Garden seems to reflect Barbara Hepworth well.

There is also a short film about Barbara Hepworth, including her own words, on the Tate website.

To work this shade alone at its best, consider the longer Boyfriend version of our Stannum Cardigan in 3-ply, or our Caradon Hill cabled pullover in Sport.

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