The Cornish Garden yarn Dark dyed woody, mushroomy grey: Tremenheere

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6 September, 2019 - 16:21 | Sue Blacker

There are a few buds which are the colour of this yarn, but not many flowers!  So again we have chosen to go for sculpture, with the Tremenheere Sculpture Gallery and Garden, which is set in a valley overlooking St. Michael’s Mount near Penzance.

Tremenheere was owned by the monks of St. Michael’s Mount until 1295 when it was taken over by the Tremenheere family who owned it for the next 600 years.  The family planted trees and the shape of the gardens today is still based on their designs, with sub-tropical plants able to survive in the mild conditions.   Twenty sculptures are featured within the gardens and there is also a large art gallery where contemporary work is displayed.

We fell in love with David Nash’s Black Mound, an atmospheric collection of charred logs.  David specialises in using wood for his sculpture, whether carved with a chainsaw or by burning.  He also created the famous live Ash Dome, planted as 22 saplings in 1977 in North Wales, near where he now lives.  The Dome, which was created by training the saplings to grow in a corkscrew shape, sadly is now dying due to ash die-back disease, but as a natural sculpture this is accepted by its maker.

Both knitting and crochet are three dimensional so we are happy to have found David Nash and Tremenheere for our dark grey colour.  We also looked at another garden, which is famous for its trees, particularly for very old, very large specimen trees so would also recommend Tregrehan Garden (photos below) near St. Austell, particularly if you choose to make your own Sport or Aran weight Cornish Garden yarn by working Hepworth and Tremenheere 3-ply or Sport together.

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