The colour of frost

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8 December, 2014 - 13:03 | Sue Blacker

One of the best times of day is early morning (for us larks but not for my owl husband!) when I go to visit the sheep.  They live in their own timescales - they cannot be hurried and regard stressy people as just plain weird.  So I adjust and it's wonderful.  There is a particularly special feeling on winter evenings when the ewes are in lamb, in the barn and gently munching their hay - were it not a little draughty I would stay the night with them but I am not as well equipped as they for outdoor living ...

This best time is also to really see things - like the first frost - I took these pictures on 24th November, just of the frosted leaves in the yard.  Then, thinking about yarns for colour work, I played with them to see whether monochrome would improve them ...  I leave the reader to judge!

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