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17 November, 2013 - 16:17 | Sue Blacker

We are just back from spending a week in Brittany - my second home since childhood - mainly in the rain, but we did manage to get out a couple of times!

We walked at Le Goufre, where there is an amazing house built into the rocks.   It was unclear how the vehicle arrived - as indeed it was unclear at Mont St Michel - on our last, and gloriously warm and sunny day - how the white van got to be parked halfway up the rock, but then builders are resourceful in France it would appear!  Mont St Michel is very definitely lovely, even when "sous travaux" to restore the estuary, causeway and river flow while making it accessible to even more hordes of people. 

We also went to Cap Frehat and the Fort de la Latte, so have visited the most northern parts of Brittany for a change - usually we are around the south coast where my French family live.

However, apart from visiting, eating and chatting, we also did a bit of work with Annie, my French penfriend - we have known each other since the age of 16!  This included work to translate our NFC Customer Guidance Notes into French, to help reach more customers.  Of course, it meant translating into translatable English first, to understand the intentions of the words!  This was very interesting as it made me realise we have to completely re-write the English version too ... no rest for the wicked! 

By the way, Annie, naturally, was wearing a pullover she had knitted!

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