Blacker Swan new seasons wool and royal baby gifts: a very fine swan indeed!

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21 August, 2013 - 16:49 | Sue Blacker

Here is the new season's wool arriving!  It includes a very special bale of 16.5 micron fleece, as well as the rest averaging around 20 microns, so we expect to make more lovely Blacker Swan yarns.  You have the lorry, the bales on the lorry and then the bales safely stowed in our storage container!

Alison Short is in the UK at present and will be visiting us next week so we plan to show her the current range, where a batch is currently in production.  This is urgent as our stockists (including Moorit in Japan) and demand for yarn to work Kate Davies' lovely new knitting Braid Hillspattern as well as Balmoral in Knitting Magazine by Judy Furlong have increased sales!  We are also just finishing some lace-weight in 18 micron, and about to add some pastel shades, to help with toning colour work as well as give everyone a wider choice.

Alison was the person whom I met originally when we were discussing the Blacker Swan project - I have only met Andrez via the phone or on Skype!  But it seems like a good aim to go for a photo-shoot and to meet the whole family and the flock - when funds and time permit!

A beautiful shawl was hand woven in 4-ply Pale Maiden Blacker Swan yarn in the Falkland Islands and was sent as the official birthday present for Prince George, and we are pleased that not only has a gracious thank-you letter been received in the Falklands, but also the little prince was seen sporting this lovely garment on Sky News!  We think he wears the ordinary Australian wool fine machine knitted shawl for photo's in the garden and saves ours for the really special occasions!

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