Bird impressions and the Chicken who fell to earth (for a while)

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21 August, 2013 - 18:07 | Sue Blacker

Here is a whole different concept of bird impressions!  Not the sort of hooting owl with your hands or duck and chicken noises but an actual impression!

The bird did survive after its impressive collision with our window (we think it was a ring dove possibly trying to escape from Cassie, who is not that good at catching birds - much better with shrews!).

Meanwhile, a chicken came to live with us.  She utterly disdained chicken feed and only wanted bird seed, particularly the large long black ones.  As you can see, she was very pretty.  We asked everyone locally if they had lost a chicken but  no-one had so we concluded she had fallen to earth and offered her accommodation in an old rabbit hutch which she gracefully accepted.  In return she gave us delicious, rich eggs, around one a day.  She had started by roosting in the hedge so we collected her initial stash of six eggs but thereafter she clearly found the rabbit hutch very suitable. 

Cassie was very relaxed about her.  Cassie is OK with almost anything OUTSIDE the house but inside is a different matter ... as we found with the lambs in the spring!

However, the dog next door felt that the chicken was a useful toy.  After a couple of noisy confrontations and the loss of a few feathers, we had stern words with the dog.  This was not sufficient to appease the chicken, who was about to recieve a name after living with us for a month, and she moved on ... we don't know where but there was not a corpse or feathers so she probably simply decided to find a dog-free place for her next new home.  We do rather miss the eggs and she herself was very peaceful and friendly, so we miss her as well!

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