November 2020

Bringing fleeces to The Natural Fibre Company as a customer

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29 November, 2020 - 16:00 | Sue Blacker

As the photos of our machines above show, processing wool and making yarns is quite technical and we try with information sheets, emails and phone calls to explain how wool becomes a yarn.  Even our information page is quite long and detailed!  But we are very happy to talk through ideas, as we want to make the best for you and your wool.   All the links on this blog item are set to open in separate windows so that you can follow and compare ...

Starting a flock with wool in mind

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8 November, 2020 - 16:00 | Sue Blacker

So here are some white sheep - but that's about the only thing they have in common - they are different sizes, have very different fleeces and also personalities.  So their wool will be very different, as will their care.

When I say “wool in mind” I really mean yarns, and this means hand knitting or crochet yarns or weaving or rug yarns, usually for small-scale or craft production.

So what we do at The Natural Fibre Company is turn a very basic raw material into a more usable raw material – it’s finished by us but not yet a finished product.  We also take the mess and hard work out of preparing wool for hand spinning or felting by sorting, scouring and carding wool.

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