February 2019

The Wool Journey Part 13: the bulking of wools

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28 February, 2019 - 21:04 | Sue Blacker

This photo illustrates the different fabrics obtained by knitting with Cotswold (on the left) and Shetland (on the right) - both as Double Knitting yarn.  So both yarns will have close yardage for the same weight and both will work up to the same tension swatch size for stitches and rows.  In this case both are also woollen spun - remember that worsted spun yarns work the same number of stitches but around 10% less rows in a tension swatch so you get less fabric, if more drape, for your yardage.

Now even if you look at the balls of wool you will see a considerable difference in appearance too.

Both these sheep are hill sheep although the Cotswold has a balmier climate than the Shetland in its heritage.

More thoughts ...

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26 February, 2019 - 15:58 | Sue Blacker

It was nice to hear from people about their responses to my "thought" piece, so I thought a bit more!  But there are a couple of pictures  this time, which I hope convey the words.

This is about our strategic thinking for The Natural Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns but also about British sheep.

We will also be producing a small item on the development of our logos and how they diverged and then converged in graphic terms and why.

We have recently made some important decisions, although of course we do this all the time!

Thoughts about truth, trust, values and the future

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5 February, 2019 - 17:50 | Sue Blacker

Oddly enough this is not an article about the UK and the EU!

In this article, I look at truth and values and how they affect our business and its future, and in particular how we can plan for the future.  We want to involve staff and customers in this process.

Truth, trust and values

At present, it interests me that there seems to be both more science and communication and less clarity as to what is really true than at any time I can remember.  For me, truth is tied closely to values and practical realities: how we see, respond to and judge what we observe.

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