January 2018

The Wool Journey part 7: fit for which purpose?

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26 January, 2018 - 17:19 | Sue Blacker

It is said that everything of a pig can be used but the squeak, and the same is true of fleeces!  But as not all fibre is wonderful, so even once the best of the harvested fibre has been selected and stored well, the fibre type will determine its end use.

Understanding which fibre is suited to what purpose is very important in ensuring that the producer can get the best price for the product and that the processor and end customer get something which will actually work for them.  Thus all of The Wool Journey parts 1-4, which described wool types, are very relevant going forward into processing.

Sorting and grading: no need to waste anything!

For both The Natural Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns, the same approach is taken to sorting and grading, to ensure all customers get their fleeces and yarns as effectively processed as possible.

Meet our lovely stockists!

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20 January, 2018 - 12:10 | Sonja Bargielowska


Here at Blacker we thought it was about time to give our lovely stockists some love, find out more about them below!


Name: Isla Davison - now retired but a lovely person and we have retained this item for her views

Company name: BritYarn – United Kingdom - now closed

Why did you open a yarn shop?  Sometimes life takes an unexpected change of direction. I was made redundant and quite a few people, knowing my love of knitting and yarn, suggested I should open a yarn shop.  Initially I thought it was a crazy notion as I never imagined running my own business. However, it set an idea growing, and that, combined with my passion for British yarn, became BritYarn!

The Wool Journey part 6: quality begins ... again!

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5 January, 2018 - 14:26 | Sue Blacker

Having described how the quality of wool is critically affected by the health and type of the sheep, it all begins again immediately after shearing!  It is a real shame and can ruin the results if the next steps are not followed as soon as practical.

This crucial next stage starts the transformation of the raw material, bringing together the vital producer quality and aspirations with the capability and expertise of the processor in exploiting the potential of the fibre.

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