February 2017

The Post Truth Conference Season – good ideas and random thoughts …

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2 February, 2017 - 15:05 | Sue Blacker


There is a fashion in business and politics at present to look for strong leaders, perhaps always and not just at present …. I am a very strong leader when I wish to influence my sheep and am carrying a bucket of food – although at some times of the year my rams are less keen to follow me than to seek the ewes.  Elsewhere, I am less influential!

There is also a need for innovation, which seems to be a very human trait.  Necessity may be the parent of invention, and of course we have some of that at present.  Also of course, the cross-country and Telemark skiing mantra, “Free the heels, free the mind” is interesting – putting things into a different context will lead to new thinking.

Caring about the small things

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2 February, 2017 - 13:58 | Sue Blacker


Here is how we pack up our parcels of Blacker Yarns – carefully wrapping with tissue paper, as sustainably supplied as we can manage, tying up with our very own garden or craft twine, adding a signed compliment slip and a leaflet and putting it all into a bio-degradeable posting envelope.

We do get thanks for doing this and we aim to make it really feel more like opening a present than just unpacking a parcel of goods!

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