March 2012

More lamb preparations

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18 March, 2012 - 17:19 | Sue Blacker

18th March: This weekend saw the completion of our electrical installation work - I now have lights in all areas of my barn thanks to Douglas. 

Anonymous twins and Topsy with triplets

When not lambing this was less important and I could manage with the lamps that still worked.  But now we have replaced broken fittings and switches and bulbs and it's great.  I use low voltage lamps and a 12-volt battery, which is pretty effective.

Also I moved the remaining hay to make room for setting up the lambing pens - swept and disinfected the floor, set up the pens yesterday and left the floor to dry.  Unfortunately I did not latch one door properly so of course the ladies went in to inspect their new facilities. 

A free lacy knitted cowl pattern for Mother's Day

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18 March, 2012 - 16:46 | Sue Blacker

18th March 2012: Yes I know!  It's today ... but mothers are entitled to be late sometimes and this is really lovely!  So you can give the yarn and pattern to your mother or make it for her and it's actually incredibly quick and easy to knit as well, so you might even finish before the day is over ...

You will need two 50g balls of fine yarn: Blacker Yarns Shetland 4-ply or the 2-ply would be lovely, or possibly our 4-ply alpaca yarns or the attractive dyed ones in Jacob/mohair and Zwartbles/mohair, or the very lovely Wensleydale.  The picture is of grey Gotland!

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