December 2011

Things other than sheep? Well, there are some ... special offers!

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29 December, 2011 - 18:15 | Sue Blacker

29th December: We have been inspired by the special offers going around at present and, not to be outdone, have increased our 10% off orders over £50 for yarns and textiles to a whole 20% off for New Year and January! 

See for the yarns, and remember that the 20% also applies to all yarn orders except the pot luck bargain packs - including yarns on special offer.  As January and Jacob begin in the same way we have taken £1 off all Jacob yarns for New Year and January in addition to the Border Leicester dyed colours (end of range) and the 4-ply Shetlands, although the Shetlands are only at their special price until 4th January.

Sonny gets all the luck

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29 December, 2011 - 18:03 | Sue Blacker

29th December: This is lucky Sonny:  Kay has found some extra grazing so can lamb in the spring - so 2 ewes came as a special Christmas present.  Sonny was fairly pleased and indeed had his wicked with each of them several times before we had even finished the paperwork.  They get to live together in the small (grass-less) paddock for 6 weeks, with extra hay and some shelter - rather welcome today as the wind is howling and roaring across the hillside.  I was glad not to be a sheep today and as the forecast is so dreadful for the next few days we shall have to put off shearing until a bit later ...

Lovelorn rams

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13 December, 2011 - 19:05 | Sue Blacker

Sunday 11th December: Well, the fun is over for another year ...  I put the rams back with their long-term wether (fine-wether?) friends and left the ewes in peace.  This was less traumatic than I feared (sometimes there is resistance!) but having a few wethers around confuses rams usefully, and anyway there was food in buckets.

Then I swept the yard and generally tidied up for an hour or so, to the accompaniment of a sound similar to someone hammering in a fence post, but actually it is the sound of two ram foreheads meeting at speed.  Result: slightly swollen and bruised foreheads but nothing to worry about ...

New December mini hampers

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13 December, 2011 - 18:23 | Sue Blacker

Warm from top to toe, all wrapped up in scarves and shawls and socks in various combinations (or you can phone to choose!).

Prices £80-110! (and you can also still get 10% off orders, except hampers, over £50 this month.

These are our new scarves in pastels of foxglove, turqouise and blue, plain or stripes and also the socks in really nice colours!

They work for girls too but we had a boy this week!  Girl is next week ....

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