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23 July, 2012 - 23:20 | Sue Blacker

23rd July, 2012:  I am amazed!  I have been incredibly busy and clearly have neglected my avid readers!  I'm so sorry!  I have some really nice pictures to come and will post them in a few days.  Meanwhile here is a quick round-up of news:

  • lambs were shorn early as the rain was beginning to make the Gotland coats felt even before they came off
  • lambs are growing well and now the rain has stopped for a while I hope their feet will improve
  • we have a new Natural Fibre Company newsletter coming out next month, to make three a year in future and now that we are online
  • my lovely cat, Ali, has a large tumour so is getting steadily weaker - still very good at hiding pills in her mouth for up to half an hour before nonchalantly spitting them out around the house though!
  • busy at the mill with loads of incoming fleece and some interesting new jobs working with Wooly Shepherd on felt preparation and a soon-to-be-launched German organic knitting yarn: Rosy Green Wools
  • meanwhile we are now making the lovely new Blacker Swan yarns to be launched this autumn and have some great pattern designs coming with them
  • the Pure Wool book publicity is accelerating although the publication date has been postponed until 13th September
  • we have had a second visit to the USA, attending and researching at the TNNA summer show in Columbus Ohio, where we met loads of new contacts and old friends - though this meant I missed Woolfest for the first time
  • we went to Fibre East and had fun in the mud ...

All of these deserve more and there will be more!  With pictures!

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