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16 September, 2012 - 17:06 | Sue Blacker

16th September: finally the Pure Wool book is published and we have sold some and sent many to the wonderful people who helped to create it.  It has been reviewed in several magazines and on Ravelry and what I have seen so far seems very fair and accurate.

I am sorry to announce that the Gotland slouchy hat has some errors in the pattern (pages 65-66), very helpfully pointed out by Maureen Metcalfe.  I am really sorry about this and it's my fault as I should have counted all the stitches in all the rows instead of only checking it for sense.  I am consulting Rita Taylor, the designer, about how to correct them and we think it will be fairly straightforward - it was the omission of some stitches between each of the falling leaf designs.  When we are certain it's OK - probably in around a week - we will put a copy here and also on the Blacker Yarns website. 

I suppose it was inevitable that somewhere there would be an error and only hope there will not be too many more!  Please bear with us and we will promise to take all comments, suggestions and corrections on board.

By the way, the day when we photographed most of the accessory patterns for the book was not only December but also it was extremely cold and wet.  We started at Sam's (the photographer) place but then adjourned to my field and barn to get some "outdoors" without quite the wet.  It was pretty miserable and Sam worked wonders to get the images given the difficult light.  We don't use lighting or image enhancement, only colour matching, so all the pictures are "real" in that sense, with the use of reflectors and some flash being the only additional technology.  We feel this is important but it's certainly quite challenging - particularly with Hebridean and Black Welsh Mountain yarns, which eat the light even in the studio conditions when we are photographing knitted swatches for the website shop.  The main consolation for Andrea and James was that there was plenty of wool to wear, to keep them warm!

The other day was somewhat better and the locations for the baby shawl and cushion were at my home, while the beach is nearby Par Beach, which is usefully open and light.  This was January, but at least it was not raining!  Again the wool kept Andrea and James warm but, if you look carefully, you will see that they kept the pullovers on for the Manx gloves and hats and kept the gloves on for the Romney Guernsey!


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