... and it's still raining ... but the birds get food and there's marmalade and a pattern!

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27 January, 2014 - 10:13 | Sue Blacker

This mound of bright green grass is what grows as a result of the messy birds spilling feed from their feeders in our hedge!  As the robins and blackbirds scavenge over it  and it's a useful vantage point to keep an eye on cats, it has a reprieve until the spring!  Of course, this is all the special feed which has no spillage advertised!  Tell that to t he tits, who select and just throw away what doesn't interest them!

And now to marmalade!  I make marmalades, jams and jellies through the year when the fruit is in season but my absolute favourite is Seville Orange marmalade.  there is something very satisfying about the serried ranks of labelled jars!  And also the wonderful smell.  I actually don't eat much of it, but the family and friends seem to manage plenty.  So this weekend included a manufacturing session, to be completed today - first I juice the oranges, then cook in the pressure cooker to soften, then shred and boil up with the sugar.  Unfortunately, although I set the time and even heard it and went to switch off the heat on the second batch, I obviously did not quite switch it off.  So I have one good batch and one which is a few salvaged bits from a very blackened pressure cooker (it was on its last legs anyway, but I'm not sure I will ever get the cinders out!) too disgusting even to photograph - and of course the culprit was a knitting pattern which I was editing.

We have a lovely tunic pattern getting ready for Valentine's Day - so watch this space!

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