All change at the Blacker Sheep flock

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10 August, 2015 - 12:14 | Sue Blacker

Here are four new Gotland ewes, rushing towards a bucket of food!  They are very tame and a nice dark colour, and have quite good fleeces (one very good, one more coarse and two medium).  We need darker fleeces for the darkest shade of Blacker Yarns Gotland yyarn so it was quite useful to find them for sale, along with a ram lamb and two wethers.  Even nicer that the ewes are all daughters of my old ram David, who had one of the finest coats I have ever bred!  They were born up on the edge of Dartmoor and then moved to near Axminster, so are wholly Westcountry Gotlands still ...

Here are a couple of them close up - they are very tame and friendly so are a good addition to the flock.

And finally,  here are a couple of the lambs - now all shorn as of yesterday, along with blood test for genotyping for all breeding stock!

The ram lamb is Alfonse and is also related to an imported Danish ram, with nice size, though not such a fine fleece, while the wethers are Arthur and Alfred.  All are also already friendly after only a week, which is a great bonus, possibly helped by familiarity as I spent hours in their paddock pulling thistles!  I strongly advise against having pigs - not that they are not nice animals or make good meat but their digging turns up seeds which then produce thistles and it's my fifth year of pulling, though I am beginning to win - at least I did it all myself this time - the first time required help from my sister Polly and her partner Tony as well and still took a very long time!


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