Wonderful Wovember

Wonderful Wovember

This is a great idea by two of my most favourites knitters, designers and bloggers.  This is SO much better than camping outside in the City!  A real challenge to the frightful marketing of those who wish us to spend money on poor quality things.


Wonderful Wovember The Natural Fibre Company

Wool is indeed wonderful!  I just got done over by House of Bruar who have things called wool containing only 43% wool – not as bad as some on the Wovember Hall of Shame but still less than half wool.

It’s the fluffy “fleece” jackets that annoy me too …

But then I do get quite annoyed about many things – it seems to be growing with age – I assume this is because the world is becoming more annoying rather than that my levels of tolerance are falling.

But I love Wovember because it is real action, like Woolsack.  So they are looking to help Woolsack by mentioning it as a guest blog and I am helping the 100% wool competition by donating some nice Blacker Yarns gift vouchers – mutual support as well.