Trick and treat?

Trick and treat?

There’s something amazing about pumpkins: great soup and pies and rather inspiring to craft workers …

Whether traditional or some of the more amazing carvings, some of which are quite gross … but anyway, the other thing is that they remind me of the shape of the traditional tea cosy!  There are plenty of pumpkin tea cosy patterns out there, but the traditional ridged design keeps the tea much hotter than just a rib version.

So I looked around for some free designs and found two excellent examples, at and also

Both of these use more than just a broken rib or 3-and-1 rib and will make a really nice ridged version which will insulate the tea-pot very well.  Here is a picture of one of them, togehter with another even more traditional design:

Trick and treat? The Natural Fibre CompanyTrick and treat? The Natural Fibre Company

The pattern is relatively simple, all garter stitch, but the key is to strand yarn across the back of each ridge, so you need more than one colour or, for a pumpkin, it’s probably easier to work with more than one ball of yarn.  You will need around three 50g balls.

Anyway, a bright orange traditional tea-cosy will brighten up any kitchen as well!

So, as we just happen to have a few balls of bright orange jacob/mohair yarn lying around in need of a good home, we have put them on special offer, reduced from £7.50 to only £3.50!  And as we have some white, red and blue as well, you could always try a patriotic version!  Or a red-and-orange one perhaps?  Or why not go monochrome with white and storm grey?  Go to to find them!