Thoughts on our De-stash Sale

Thoughts on our De-stash Sale

Thoughts on our De-stash Sale The Natural Fibre Company

Here is a picture of some of the yarn we were selling at our de-stash sale, which went very well.  Why do we de-stash you may ask?

Well there are various reasons:

– we make yarns as part of preparing for organic processing, called a purge run, which cannot be classified as organic, though they are made with organic wool.  We can then use them as dye make-weight in all sorts of batches – unless the dye-tank is properly filled the yarns can go patching while dyeing so we have to make batches of more than we need sometimes, for some customers.

– we make yarns for customers from our own supply of wool, mohair and alpaca, and because the yield can vary, we over-cater a bit to ensure we can supply the quantity they have ordered.  Again we can use the spare for make-weight for dyeing or sell it in its natural colours

– we make yarns for trials on new products, experiments, or sometimes (very rarely of course!) we make a wrong specification and have to re-make.

All of these yarns are well made, in natural British fibres, but mostly there is too little to add to our ranges of Breeds, Blends or Classic yarns.  It is simply not worth setting up a new product, taking photo’s, putting it all on the website, etc., even though they are often very nice!  So we have in the past reeled them into hanks/skeins and sold them at the wool shows.  However, as our business has grown, so too have the numbers of cones of these yarns.  Well, this autumn we got around to counting them and decided on the de-stash sale as a means to make a bit more space and share the yarn with people who would appreciate it!

Apart from cones, we had skeins, and also the sample hand knits we make to test our patterns.  Again, we cannot sell these online as they are all one-offs, although we also sell them at shows.  We need to make several versions of each design to test the patterns and also to photograph in different yarns as people have a dreadful tendency to buy only the yarn on the pattern cover, which is a great shame!

We also have a small experimental range of machine knitwear, which we designed and made in order to demonstrate that we are able to supply yarns suitable for machine knitting.

So all this stuff just needed to find new homes!  And because we are still very busy, we will be continuing to make “spare” yarn and garments, so we have decided to run around three sales a year, in addition to the shows, when people can also see the mill at work.  You will of course also be able to look through patterns and buy our mainstream ranges as well!

When thinking about the sale, we discovered that most people seem to prefer skeins/hanks to cones, so in future we will be reeling skeins into 200g bundles of joy and variety and these will become available via the De-Stash Department which will be created online as part of our special offer selection. 

This is because even though loads of people do come to Cornwall, it’s not possible for everyone, so you will soone be able to buy some of  these yarns online  – however, we will have a “potluck” approach, so the yarns will be grouped by type into yarn specification and colour range and will not be specific shades unless we have sufficient to justify setting them up as individual products.  Most of them will be dyed, but we will also have some natural colours.

The cones of yarn are available by weight as well, if required so if you have seen a colour you absolutely need … you can always email us to get some – mostly we have up to around 2-4 kilograms in each colour or yarn type.

Thoughts on our De-stash Sale The Natural Fibre CompanyThoughts on our De-stash Sale The Natural Fibre Company