Sustainable Threads: a bi-lingual film about us!

Sustainable Threads: a bi-lingual film about us!

Sustainable Threads: a bi-lingual film about us! The Natural Fibre Company

This is the title page of a film made by Goldentree Productions/ACT and La Groupe Ouest about us and a textile business in Brittany.  You can see it at

It is one of a collection of 20 short films made comparing businesses in Brittany and Cornwall: on the edge or in the middle of the world?  The films are all about people making a difference and dealing with running a business, which could be seen as a long way from London/Paris, or half way to America, or perhaps only a few mili-seconds from Tokyo.  The protagonists all see themselves rather more positively than “a long way from London/Paris” and also managed to impress the film-makers (with their art/culture backgrounds) that actually there is plenty of creativity, passion and innovation, as well as style, design and quality in businesses!

We attended the Cornish premiere last night (the Breton one was a couple of weeks ago) and hope that the films will be able to be used to inspire ideas and particularly young people to go into local businesses, even if they run away to find streets paved with gold first – but then of course they can bring back the gold to invest!

The full collection of films can be seen at  They include an amazingly various collection, including a profile of the Jamie Oliver Fifteen restaurant, Roddas, our leading clotted cream maker,Yarg Cheese, some great wood products, Camel Valley wine, Furniss biscuits and bakers, Classic holiday cottage lettings, ferries, IT businesses, theatres … fishing, farm machinery … and our favourite flowers-by-post supplier, who supply gloriously colourful and scented bouquets of narcissi and gifts from the Isles of Scilly – find them at or you can also try scented narcissi and pinks all the year round from

By the way, for re-usable organic nappies, try Frugi or Lollipop (both based in Cornwall!)!