Moles!? The Natural Fibre Company

The annual mole spring cleaning exercise is nearly complete!  For me as a farmer, this is a good indication that there is plenty of worm activity in my field to keep the moles busy and well fed!

Luckily we don’t have a posh lawn (indeed the neighbours and some of my family consider my nice wild flower meadow to be a weed-bed!), so I am not too upset by the busy little animals working away in the field.  Indeed, they provide me with sacks full of nicely seived topsoil for the garden and plant pots.

Moles!? The Natural Fibre CompanyMoles!? The Natural Fibre Company

Mole-hills may be a very useful source of topsoil, but there are some conerns expressed by farmers that they can also be a source of bacteria, such as listeria, if the soil is picked up in the process of making haylage or silage.  I cannot find any definitive statements, just concerns, so there is probably not much evidence. 

Meanwhile my molehills provide adequate castles for lambs to bounce on and nice cushions for ewes to lie on, so they have already mainly disappeared …

Next stage mushrooms!  But the nettles and thistles will arrive before then and require more drastic action …