Meet our lovely stockists!

Meet our lovely stockists!

Here at Blacker we thought it was about time to give our lovely stockists some love, find out more about them below!


Name: Isla Davison – now retired but a lovely person and we have retained this item for her views

Company name: BritYarn – United Kingdom – now closed

Why did you open a yarn shop?  Sometimes life takes an unexpected change of direction. I was made redundant and quite a few people, knowing my love of knitting and yarn, suggested I should open a yarn shop.  Initially I thought it was a crazy notion as I never imagined running my own business. However, it set an idea growing, and that, combined with my passion for British yarn, became BritYarn!

Favourite aspect of your job? The BritYarn community without a shadow of a doubt.  While I am not able to meet my customers face to face (BritYarn is an online yarn shop) there is an amazing BritYarn community out there.  There is a really friendly and helpful Ravelry group and lots of chatter on Instagram.  The added bonus is getting to meet people I chat to online at various yarn festivals and events.

Favourite Blacker Yarn? You can’t possibly ask me that question……… Each one has its own little place in my heart They are all unique and have their own special qualities.  If you had to really push me I would say Tamar.  I have knitted two garments to date and love them both.  But I also have a soft spot for West Country Tweed and Mohair Blends…….


Name: Catherine Robb

Company name: Kathy’s Knits – United Kingdom

How long have you had a yarn shop? Opened July 2012, so 5 years

Why did you open a yarn shop? Knitting has always been my passion. I have knitted since I was a young girl, taught by my Shetland born grandmother. I was very frustrated by the poor choice on offer in Edinburgh and felt there was a big gap in the market to open a shop selling high quality British yarns, both for locals and tourists. Edinburgh is now a yarn destination, with the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and some great yarn stores.

What is your Blacker Yarns best seller? Mohair Blends


Name: Debbie Judd

Company name: Wool on the Exe – United Kingdom

How long have you had a yarn shop? 1 year and 2 months

Why did you open a yarn shop? To allow us to grow. We had been running 2 programmes over the previous 3 years. One called Neighbourworks and the other called The Knit-Stop. Because we’re a not for profit community interest company, we thought that opening Wool on the Exe would be the best way to take both initiatives forward and reduce our reliance on grant funding. So far so good.

Favourite aspect of your job? Our customers, hearing what they want to make, seeing their finished items. Also teaching workshops. Our sole reason for being is to encourage people to learn new skills, make new friends and connect to their community.


Name: Rita Schneider

Company name: Spinnwebstube – Switzerland

How long have you had a yarn shop? Since October 2014. Previously I sold my hand dyed yarn for 8 years in my studio.

Why did you open a yarn shop? At some point the space in my studio was not big enough anymore. At the same time I was offered this nice premises. Just the right time to make myself independent.             

Favourite Blacker Yarn? I love the structure and the colours of Samite


Name:  Corinne Claire

Company name:  The Woolly Thistle – USA

Why did you open a yarn shop?  Because I love yarn and knitting!  I come from a family of shopkeepers starting with my granddad who had every type of shop going from a general store to a mail order business selling antique Scottish books.  For me, being a Scot in the US, it feels good to offer British yarns to my fellow Americans. 

Favourite Blacker Yarn?  That’s a really hard question to answer because there are so many great yarns from Blacker.  Right now, being summer, I love the revamped BFL laceweight which is perfect for knitting light summer cardigans or shawls.  I’m a stalwart fan of Classic DK because I enjoy its retro feel; and its roundness is perfect for cables or miles of stockinette.  Samite is exquisite and has to be my favourite special blend yarn. 

What is your Blacker Yarns best seller? Blacker Samite, Tamar and Classic DK as well as Blacker Swan are my top sellers.


Thank you to all our lovely stockists, who have taken the time to fill out our questionnaire!